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Overstock Floors & Design of Roswell, GA

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Stock Material

Laminate $.79
Engineered $.99
Solid $1.49

New Arrivals
Nottoway - Burnt Barnboard

Ironsmith Oak - Hammer Oak

Coastal Art - Sand Dollar

Eagle Lodge

5" x 1/2" Engineered Handscraped

Cinnamon Bun

New Arrivals

Conservatory Maple Brandy


Conservatory Maple Root Beer


Conservatory Hickory Rich Coffee


Brushed Suede Fedora


Brush Suede Sugar Cane

Gnarly Plank

Color Huntington

3" 5" 7" Wide

Camden Hills

Color Western Sky


Color Rawhide


Rideau Plank

Color Truffle


Color Raw Sugar


Ironsmith Maple

Color Moriah



Bastille Vintage

6.25" x 1/2" Engineered Handscraped

Chateau Belle Maple Bordeaux





Mtn. Hickory Rustic

5" x 1/2" Engineered Handscraped


American Restoration

6.25" x 3/8" Engineered Handscraped

Antique Reclaimed